Expert Witness Status

I have been qualified by The College of Nurses of Ontario as an expert witness in General Computer Technology and Computer Security. In the process, the College affirmed my status as a Computer Systems Analyst and Management Consultant.

Click here (item 6) to read more on my acceptance by the College (search for Expert). I was also certified on a two other occasions by the College but documentation to that effect is not available on their web site.

In October, 2003, I was certified before the Tax Court of Canada as an expert in the field of computing. I was called upon by an corporation that had a matter before the court to give expert testimony regarding the technical merits, capabilities and features of their product.

I assisted the company's counsel (Goodmans) by:


I have had the opportunity to assist in four legal matters that involve technology in some way. In two matters, technology was used to acuse a person of an offence. Fortunately, there was no other evidence backing up the computer generated evidence. I was able to show that the Standards of Practice in the administration and operation of the systems was not sufficiently high to rely solely on the evidence created by the computer system.