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Keeping Scope in Check

Cost overruns. Delays. Infighting. Most problems in the development lifecycle can be traced back to scope creep—including project failure. Read these tips on how to quantify creep's hidden costs for the project sponsor. The Skinny on Monitors

Even though prices have dropped by 50% in the past two years, flat-panel LCDs still seem like luxury items. Use our calculator to see if that's the case with the deal your vendor is offering.
Reader Question

Our Linux question from a few weeks ago received quite a few responses; we'll answer as many as we can in the coming week. Today's is from Scott Byrge, Systems Specialist for Application/Infrastructure Architecture at Federated Systems Group. Mr. Byrge is looking for "something similar in features and ease of use to Visual Studio.NET."

We asked the president of Application Enhancements Inc., a Linux-focused consultancy in the Toronto area, for his thoughts. Larry Karnis e-mailed us this thorough response:

"There are a number of excellent visual development environments for Linux. I am not aware of any one product that is as broad as Microsoft's Visual Studio. But the narrow(er) focus of the products that do exist allow them to excel in their particular environments. Here are a few:

  • KDE KDevelop: Graphical development tools for C, C++, and Qt. Many features, including a debugger, class viewer, dialog editor, and project management tool, plus lots of documentation.

  • Borland Kylix: Kylix is an integrated development environment for Borland's Delphi language as well as for C and C++. It's 100% Linux-based and has won many awards.

  • For PHP development (web server programming), look at Zend studio. The Zend folks wrote the underlying engine that powers PHP, which is generally regarded as the fastest and most popular server-side scripting language on the Internet.

  • And Java, of course, is well-supported on Linux. Sun ONE Studio 4, update 1, is the latest in the Sun Studio line of integrated development environments. It supports Solaris and Windows as well as Linux.

  • Finally, I should point out that eWeek recently completed an Excellence Awards story. For Web application development, the winner was IBM WebSphere (COBOL, Java). Visual Studio.NET didn't even place."

    Got a question? Send it to baselinetools@ziffdavis.com. If we publish it, we'll set you up with some free Baseline paraphernalia.
    Information Access

    First Looks at New Technologies
    My favorite geeky news magazine out there is The New Scientist. Available in both Web and print formats, it's been around since 1956 but has only recently begun to expand beyond Britain and Australia.

    Are we making your job easier? If not, than we're not doing ours. Tell us at baselinetools@ziffdavis.com what you think of the Tools and tips we're providing, and what other utilities we could be offering you.
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