Selected Client List


I have worked as a computer consultant since 1988. In that time I have worked for many high profile clients, while performing a variety of tasks.

Below are some key clients organized into the type of work I performed at the client site.
Client Nature of Engagement
Ontario Lottery Corporation Training and mentoring in UNIX and Linux operational and administrative skills. Client was migrating from proprietary systems to open standards computing and needed to come up to speed on UNIX/Linux quickly.
Amcor North America I have enjoyed a long term relationship with Amcor. I have visited and work at many of their sites, all in support of their production UNIX enviornments. Duties have included all aspects of HP-UX administration including: setup, application installation and configuration, performance analysis and tuning, security, custom programming, Progress database administration and more.
Amersham Canada Designed, programmed and delivered a custom application to Amersham to support a customer loyalty initiative. All work done in Progress.
ASKK Helped ASKK with SCO UNIX and Linux support. Both for themselves and for their clients.
Barber Glass Provided a custom SCO system to support their operations. Their expensive, name brand system had failed and we were asked to provide them with a loaner until a replacement was received. I restored their system to the loaner and then moved it to the final production server once it was ready.
BDP Helped rebuild an SCO UNIX based predictive dialer that had failed at their outbound call center. Had numerous involvements with BDP in support of the UNIX machines in use in their customer support and outbound call centers.
Bell Mobility Paging Performed an application design and performance review of a billing system that was being developed for BMP. Identified areas of concern for performance and scalability.
Bell Actimedia Assisted Bell with the installation of a SwitchView system. Switchview is an SCO UNIX based product that collects records from telephone switches and PBXs. It provides management information on calls, activity, load, etc.
BMG Music Hosted a custom web site for BMG music as part of a campaign they ran. They chose us because we were fast, responsive and able to handle custom requirements with little notice.
Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Helped CCRA with their SCO UNIX needs.
CFM Majestic Worked with CFM on the recovery of a failed production server. I helped recover a HP-UX server, and the QAD MFG/Pro databases it supported. This included hardware updates, database recovery after a crash and complete restoration of their production business systems.

I enjoyed an ongoing relationship with CFM for many years until they chose to move to BAAN.

CGA Ontario Conducted a study of how the Internet could be used to help deliver CGA Ontario products and services to their customer base. My study included specific recommendations on how the Internet could be leveraged to reduce costs, increase service, provide more timely communications and improve customer experiences. Many of the recomdations I made were ultimately adoptec by the organization.
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants I worked with the CICA for many years. Initially, I showed them how they could avoid the cost of a proprietary UNIX server in favor of a commodity (tier 1) PC server running SCO UNIX.

I then worked with them in an ongoing basis to administer and support the system. Duties included system administration, system security, disaster planning and recover, networking, and more.

City of Toronto My company provided the City of Toronto with a replacement UNIX server and helped them migrate from an old UNIX system onto a new SCO PC server. We then provided support and Y2K remediation for the dispatching application used by the City of York Fire Department.
Provided assistance to the Commissionaires in the support and upgrade of their SCO production server. We helped them move to UNIXWare 7 and to migrate their business system onto that platform. We provided the hardware and licenses as well as the consulting expertse needed to ensure a successful implementation.
Crystal Springs Provided Crystal Springs with HP-UX and general UNIX services in the areas of performance, administration and hardware upgrades.
Canadian Union of Public Employees
Airline Division
Replaced their old SCO UNIX system with a new production server. Migrated applications, data, user accounts and configuration information onto the new server.

Added internet support, e-mail support and performed general administrative tasks.

Distinctive Designs Designed a new network for the company. Installed and migrated their production system to SCO UNIX. Provided ongoing security, performance and general consulting services in support of this system.
EDS Canada Provided sub-contracting UNIX consulting to their clients. Helped them to evaluate application design issues relating to UNIX networking.
Fairview Fittings Have provided years of SCO UNIX support to this company. Helped them migrate from SCO UNIX to Linux as part of a server consolidation project.
GE Capital Provided UNIX consulting to a client of GE Capital. Duties included application review and assessment as part of a performance issue. Was able to identify the source of the problem and recommended a simple fix that resulted in application performance increasing by 500+%.
Gloabl Knowledge Work as a contract trainer in their entire UNIX & Linux product lines including RedHat Linux, Solaris and generic UNIX. Duties include instructing short (5 day) classes, authoring new course content and tech editing existing content.
Home and Park Motorhomes Helped H&P install a new QAD MFG/Pro ERP system. My duties included installing and configuring Progress and MFG/Pro. Customizing MFG/Pro, adding functionality to allow for custom form generation and support for the system.
Impletech International Inc.
Acted as sub-contractor for Impletech's clients. Performed many duties for Impletech in support of their QAD business. I helped them install, configure and administer new UNIX installations (HP-UX and Compaq Alpha servers). Installed, configured, customized and administered QAD's MFG/Pro ERP system.

I also performed emergency recoveries of crashed machines, security and performance reviews, misc. administration and much, much more.

Lipton Worked at Lipton as a contract system administrator. I was responsible for all of their production HP-UX servers. Duties included ensuring the back up was complete, comprehensive and reliable. Also dealt with user application issues, production issues, supported programmers in designing and developing new applications. I was responsible for system security as well as performance.
Lipton Monarch Professional Markets Group Worked at Lipton Monarch PMG in support of their production QAD system. My duties included general HP-UX administration, Progress database administration as well as system performance and security.

I helped them increase the capacity and performance of their systems. I was involved in custom programming projects to improve the performance of their EDI order entry system. As a result of our involvement, EDI order entry performance increased from 15 minutes to 30 seconds.

Look Communications Helped Look with the installation, set up, configuration, administration and operation of their new production HP-UX server. This sytem ran their Subscriber and Pay-Per-View billing systems and needed to deliver 100% uptime.

Also developed custom interfaces in support of on-line credit card payment, credit history inquiries as well as B2B functionality with their business partners (Equifax and Xerox).

LV Lomas Provide ongoing UNIX and Linux support to LV Lomas. Helped them replace a proprietary firewall with a much more functional Linux based VPN firewall. Also assisted with their conversion of their business system from Progress running on VMS to Progress running on UNIX.
Learning Tree International Worked as a contract instructor for Learning Tree for 9 years. Duties included teaching all of their UNIX related content (from entry level to senior administrator level). I also authored their course on Apache Web Server administration and helped improve the content of other courses through technical editing their content.

Developed a Computer Based Training CD on integrating Windows NT into UNIX networks.